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The result has been generalized to superintuitionistic logics and extensions of S4. The theory of abstract algebraic logic has also provided means to classify logics, with most results having been obtained for propositional logics. The current algebraic hierarchy of propositional logics has five levels, defined in terms of properties of their Leibniz operator : protoalgebraic , finitely equivalential , and finitely algebraizable.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Burgess Philosophical logic.

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Outline History. Argumentation Metalogic Metamathematics Set. Mathematical logic Boolean algebra Set theory.

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Logicians Rules of inference Paradoxes Fallacies Logic symbols. The error remains.

The elseif will now belong to the sub-if instead of the first if, and the rest of the logic will all behave as a "one single statement" in response to the first if only. Very confusing and error prone be careful.

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The differences are very subtle and can deceive the eyes especially while debugging. Note: A nested "if" statement immediately before an "else:" or "elseif: " statement in control block is not supported. Or, even better! Let's simply ignore it all and leave it as it is. What harm can an extra ";" after another ";" do anyway, right? It is always developers' fault anyway Poor bastards that don't know how to code!

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I can't believe anyone will have an IF statement as the last nested statement inside another IF Can you imagine it? The reason for the "workaround" jeremiah mentioned, in the case of the switch statement, can be understood as follows; in any place where you can have an echo statement an if block, a switch's case, whatever , that's where you can have the raw HTML. In PHP this basically gets handled just like that -- like an echo statement.

In between a switch and a case, though, you can't echo anything. And it can't be there, hence the difficulty. Interface templates are very often in need of this, especially since the PHP code in them is usually written by one person who is more of a programmer and the HTML gets modified by another person who is more of a web designer.