Salvation on Sand Hill

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Awed by the faith and daring of the followers, he becomes a participant in their peculiar rituals.

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Although the author's observations and insights are interesting, this book is only marginally informative. Hitchcock, Tennessee Technological Univ. At every wayside along Mr. Covington's journey are the snakes--those thick, heavy and nasty-tempered beasts taken up by the anointed, the men and women blessed by ecstasy from the Holy Ghost.

Covington reminds us.


The lessons and insights of [this book] may seem creepy to those who prefer their Jesus to be a "mild-mannered esthete with shampooed hair. Publisher's Weekly: After Covington, a writing instructor at the University of Alabama, novelist Lizard and freelance journalist, covered the trial of a preacher convicted of attempting to murder his wife with rattlesnakes, he was invited to attend a snake-handling service in Scottsville, Ala.

Miss Mr. Pastor Rev. First Name:. Last Name:. Address Learn More.

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I told the devil to depart that place in the name of Jesus, and within a year I'd taken up my first serpent. He won't strive with man forever! He's a merciful God, he's a loving God, but you better believe he's also a just God, and there will come a time when we'll have to account for these lives we've led! We better put our house in order! There were only thirteen people under that brush arbor, but it seemed like there were suddenly three hundred. There was so much racket that at first it was hard to hear what Aline was doing over in the corner by a length of dog wire that the morning glory vines had twined around.

Her back was to us. Her hands were in the air, and she was rocking slowly from side to side, her face upturned and her voice quavering, "Akiii, akiii, akiii. Akiii, akiii, akiii It was the strangest sound I had ever heard.

Sammy Hagar – Salvation On Sand Hill lyrics

At first, it did not seem human. It sounded like the voice of a rare night bird, or some tiny feral mammal. And then the voice got louder, mounting up on itself, until it started to sound like that of a child who was lost and in great pain. But even as the hairs on my arm started to stand on end, the voice turned into something else, a sound that had pleasure in it as well as torment. Ecstasy, I would learn later, is excruciating, but I did not know that then. Brother Charles had stopped strumming his guitar. Brother Carl had put away his oil. Burma and Dorothea kept their hands raised, but except for an occasional amen or praise Jesus, the air fell silent around Aline's voice.

Everyone was listening to her now.

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I could not disentangle myself from the sound of her voice, the same syllables repeated with endless variation. At times, it seemed something barbed was being pulled from her throat; at other times, the sound was a clear stream flowing outward into thin air.

Her voice seemed to be right in my ear. It was a sobbing. A panting after something she could not quite reach.

And then it would be a coming to rest in some exquisite space, a place so tender it could not be touched without "Akiii, akiii, akiii We were swaying in it, transfixed, with Aline silhouetted against the dog wire and the morning glory vines. All but her trembling voice was silent, or so it seemed, until I realized with horror that my tambourine was still going, vibrating against my leg, almost apart from me, as if it had a motive and direction of its own. My hand froze.