The Crock Pot Chronicles: A Working Womans Guide to Relaxed Cooking

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I just got trough all your posts youhave a great blog,the food are just eye-candy! Love the blog, love the recipes and adore the dog! Thanks for sharing. Hello again! I made my first comment on your best ever chocolate cupcakes and here I am again to make another comment. One word to describe it. I love it! The recipes, the pictures and everything else about your blog. I will definitely visit your website soon and often.

Take care, and keep up the nice work! Hi Cenk! You do have a great site going on here, and I will surely be adding you to my read-list, and also to my Food BLogroll:. Bu siteyi tesadufen gullac tarifi ararken buldum. Gozlerim yerinden cikti.. Gercekten cok guzel.. Tebrik ederim. Takip edecegim. I love your website SO much. I was wondering what the weather is like over there though at that time.

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Can you please advise? Keep up the great work! Thank you so much. Hi Jamie — Thank you! I hope you enjoy your stay and the great food. Late January will be cold. Thank you very much for this absolute treat of a blog. I just moved to Istanbul from Paris. This is the best gastronomy blog I have ever read ;-. Thank You. Was a real pleasure viewing not only the many fantastic creations but the responses from appreciative surfers.

I am a retired NewYorker living permanently in a suburb of Istanbul. Being married to a great Turkish cook I am eagerly awaiting her experimentation from your great site.

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Perhaps she will share some of her secrets with you. Beautiful pictures, interesting posts, delicious food! Merhaba from Azerbaijan. Feride aka Farida. I thought you are a cook at first. I love your blog. I am learning from your great recipes a lot. Thank you very much. And please keep up the good work. I enjoy looking through your links especially when it is related to something in Turkey! Like Pukka — Lvng guide to Ist. Thank you! Thank you for the recipes! Just looking at the lovely photos is good enough. And of course, I adore the Istanbul posts though they fill me with a weird sense of complete yearning and homesickness for the city and its gorgeous food.

So, thank you! Szerelem — Thank you! Glad to hear you liked the posts. Come summer, there will be more İstanbul posts. Hope you enjoy them, too! I loved reading your blog as of late. Great looking food and photos. Great site, great photos, great recipes with a wonderful, cheerful, adventurous owner. Is it possible for you to put up also video or clips of your field trips- say for example of the market? You have a great blog! I cannot remember how I came upon it but I have permanently linked to you so I can always drop by whenever I want. I was browsing the net for some Turkish recipes and I found your blog which is really really great.

I am French married to a Turk and we live in Artvin …. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to visiting your blog regularly now. Wonderful site!

I Lived in the Bay Area for 4 years before moving back. You must be so proud of yourself. Your blog always puts a smile on my face and a loud, persistent growl in my tummy. One too many diets have been broken after viewing your recipes. I look forward to visiting your site and cursing the day i found it for many years to come. After stumbling upon your beautiful blog, I have spent half my day engrossed in you wonderful stories, amazing photography and mouth-watering recipes.

As an Aussie girl currently residing in Portugal, I can empathize with your moments of homesickness. Enough of me prattling on, just wanted to say thank you for absolutely making my day. Certainly cheered me out of a slump. Erin — I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed my posts. Thank you for stopping by.

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Also, thanks for the info on saudades, it is fun learning a word with such an important meaning. Stumbled upon your blog today and I must say, stunning images! I just found your site while searching for Turkish recipes! I wonder why, since I LOVE to cook and bake just about everything… Maybe one reason is because I am pretty unfamiliar with it aside from being invited to dinner parties by my Turkish friends in San Diego yearsssssssss ago… I am hoping to learn more about the cuisine and embark on some cooking..

Turkey is one of my most desired destinations- I am indeed very fascinated by the culture, people, and cuisine! I am going to explore your blog some more right now… Allah issmalladuk, Leesa. Leesa — Thank you. I am planning to add more Turkish recipes in the future, so stay tuned. Have a look at his blog here. His photos and recipes make me drool. I am really happy to have found your blog… I am going to start trying out some recipes.

Take care, Leesa :. It seems to be cooked on a baking stone rather than fried on both side, as the bottom is brown while the top has collapsed blisters, kind of like a pizza. It looks like small holes were punched all over in order to prevent too much blistering. It does smell like pizza crust, and it seems to have been made with all white flour. I have a wedge of it in front of me right now, which is why I can describe it so well. Oh, but if I do pull at the bread, the sides will pull apart pretty cleanly and easily. We had it with chicken and beef, which looked to have been cooked on skewers.

It also came with tzatziki I think, or some kind of yogurt sauce. We also had roasted tomatoes and white rice — if that helps at all. Oh, and it also came with diced tomatoes and cucumbers with parsley in probably lemon juice and olive oil. Sorry this post is so long! I MUST bake some of my own! I hope you can help me!!! Thank you!!! Jean — Did it look something like this? If so, it is called Ramazan pidesi. I have never tried baking it at home. Great site, the food looks delicious. I discovered your blog from Rasa Malaysia and glad that I did. I am a yabanci living in Antalya for a year already!

I will be trying out your recipes and letting you know how I do along the way! Good luck with ALL. How someone which sees world so colourful and beautiful can have so much pain and sadness in eyes.. CornFlower — It was actually taken after long hours of baking. I should definitely have a more energetic photo taken. Will do so soon. Many thanks for your lovely words. I love your Tuxedo strawberry and wondered if we could use the image on a mail out that we are doing please? We organise conferences and events and sometimes get asked for Turkey!

Love your blog! Mostly because of its traditional Turkish flavour. What kind of a in-love-with-cooking-Turk are you without something so popular and savory as the baklava? Looking forward to see that on your site! Alexandra — Thanks a lot for your kind words. Preparing baklava from scratch is very difficult to do at home. I might try it one day tough…. Cenk, this is mind-boggling.

I will be downloading your recipes and trying them out in my tiny NY kitchen. Congratulations on a beautiful, informative site that makes me want to cuddle my silpats and run out to buy the Golden Girls DVDs at the same time. I so enjoy reading your articles. Mehmet — Thanks. I am a big fan of the show. You can read more about it here or here second link in Turkish. BTW, I had the privilege to visit Istanbul last year. Short visit, but got to meet your Prime Minister not to mix politics with cooking…. Maybe you could show me around a little bit. I think your blog is lovely and would love to have you as a guide to the city.

Britt — Thanks for your comment. Hope you have a wonderful time. Dear Cenk, I really like your bolg, loved the dolma gadget, where can I find it online? Hela — Thanks! You have to visit Istanbul to buy one. By the way, is it safe to travel on our own in Turkey? I believe it is. Just want to hear what you have to say. HI, I hope you can help me. I am brazilian and I have been living in Istambul for 3 months and I am trying to find a single store that sells condensad milk and heavy cream. Could you please help me? Do with the info what you wish. Linda — Thanks for the warning.

Daha evvel yorum yazmistim buraya ancak daha sonra ablam Sezgi ile konusuyorduk, megerse sen bizim lisedenmissin ve ben tanimamisim yorum yazarken. Ben is yerinde podcastlarini dinliyorum cok zevkli, tabii aciktiriyor her seferinde ama senin blogu hatirlatiyorlar. Dinlemediysen siddetle tavsiye ederim. Buradaki ilgilenen arkadaslarima yonlendirdim blogunu. Basarilarinin devamini diliyorum. You rock! I love your blog and witty writing. I share your obsession for the Golden Girls. Thank you so much for creating this lovely space!

Maybe we should arrange a kind of re-uninon soon. And I made a discovery, you are not a woman!! Anyway, thanks for the picture of yourself, and the tidbit about your history. So excited for you on your adventure of writing a cookbook!! I was in Turkey for a vacation last month and ohhh I miss Istanbul so much. And Taskim square is like my all time favrite spot ever! Loved the food. I ll now start looking around for some Turkish recipes. I still dream about a roasted red and green bell pepper dip with walnuts and pomegrante molasses dressing I had there.

Anyway you can provide me the recipe for it? I was googling to find a recipe and stumble upon your website. I was poking around to read your stories, recipes and your beautiful photos. Then I forgot what I was originally googling. I am also living in San Francisco now and in love with this city. A few years ago, I have been to Turkey for 3 weeks, mostly stayed in Istanbul and the Bodrum peninsula, and met many, many, amazing people.

Everyone I met was genuine, giving, and caring. There are many places have beautiful mountains and water, but for me, it was the people in Turkey made my trip so special. I hope you all the best. Good luck with your cookbook. Many thanks for your kind words. Hope you like the recipes! I want to find a good Mexican in Istanbul, any recommendations? Great site! Yael — Thank you! Hi Cenk, What an amazing blog, i just love your recipes, photography.

And on top of that you are from Turkey- my dream destination. Really glad to have come across your blog. Till yesterday, Orhan Pamuk was the only person that came in my mind when i thought of Turkey, but now you will definitely be there. Keep doing what you are doing, always, please! We LOVE you.

We LOVE the food photos on your site. And we LOVE the wonderful narratives that accompany the recipes.

Confident. Free. Steadfast.

I really like your great kind of writing. Did you change your bio picture in the last few months? When I saw this picture of you eating a brownie? Connie — Yes, I did. I took the current one for an interview that was published last month in a Turkish magazine. I love the food scene here and especially your blog, which is rather mind-blowing.

Are there many ethnic markets? John — Hello! Thanks for your kind words. For spices, I would suggest the Spice Market. Thanks for the tip! The condensed milk is now available at every supermarket. The brand name is Markomilk. Hello Cenk, I was wandering in my garden the other day an noticed the grape vine leaves and thought they are young and would make some lovely dolmas, My son is married to a Turkish girl and her mum on a visit to me made some…Yum.

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I googled some recipes, and came across your site, and thought wow I had purchased one of those little dolma rollers when I was visiting Turkey, and have not used it yet. From there my attention was taken from one yummy recipe to the next, all looking quite doable for me. Cheers from Australia. I was lpoking for a Thai place in Istanbul and I stumbled upon your blog — amazing job!

As a fellow Turk, I am glad to learn about food enthusiasts like yourself. Will definitely spread the word. From that day on, I will be the the top follower of this blog. They are fantastic! Well…those cookies were NOT cookies, but they turned out to be the best ice cream topping ever invented.

I am excited to now be connected to your site too. I am just browsing your blog. I read the part about missing SF. I also lived in the Bay Area, and moved to Canada 2 years ago, and I absolutely agree — I miss my friends there a lot. And even the friends that I meet here in Vancouver end up moving to the Silicon Valley In any case, I am absolutely in love with your blog, the more time I spend here, the more I like it.

I am an expat as well a Russian living in Washington, DC, with my French husband whose family is originally from Turkey, imagine the cultural mix in the family!

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Your blog is amazing. Very professional, atmospheric photos, great recipes. So far I have tried only the mint lemonade today , but I will definitely be trying some more. Thanks a lot, and good luck with your cookbook! Much like you for San Francisco. Keep up the good work and post some more Turkish inspired dishes so I can bring a little more of Turkey into my home! Years ago I lived in Turkey and still have the memory of a meal in Bolu itself, eaten in a tiny cafe in the pouring rain. It ended with boys coming into the restaurant with a big pan of wild strawberries!

What joy! Yes, the period is in the right place! Currently on a year long sabbatical from the kitchen. I came back from Istanbul 2 days ago! Love love love your blog. Am coming to Istanbul in October, would be great to meet up get some tips and know the unmissable nooks and crannies of the city.

Any suggestions for balik and raki with a great view?! I am also looking to buy diastatic malt. Where can I find this in Istanbul? Plus other goodies to use in baking like edible flowers, sanding sugar etc. Hope you have a great time. I love your recipes, and was wondering if you have a recipe for lahmachun. Its my favourite turkish dish, and I would love to be able to make it at home. Though I will definately give the Dolce and Gabbana Brownies a go! Only thing is, when I made the Korova cookies the shape looks flat when I cut with the knife and they spread so much in the oven, any tips on that?

Hi Cenk Thanks much for the information about the stores. Inside this book are 26 unique recipes that I have compiled over time that can be used in a crock pot. Pull out your ingredients, chop them up, throw them in the crock pot, and be ready for your dinner to cook itself. Alexa Clark Alachua, Florida. Why Steakhub? Savannah Graham Nahant, Massachusetts. Meet the Steakhub team. Daeron Graham CLO. Daniel Han CQO. Brandon Hilliard CTO. Jack Lattyak Team Leader. Antonio Fowler International Sales. Marshawn White Director of Software Development.

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