The Maids Tragedy

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Even these two much-wronged parties cannot agree on the righteousness of their course of action against the king. The play denounces the court-destroying lust of the king but softens the blow by assigning proper culpability to the Divine. The play defines and defies loyalties, first setting up reasonable expectations for the audience, but then quickly turning the tables and subverting those expectations. These dramatically-surprising variations are common in courtly dramas of the period, and Beaumont and Fletcher depend upon them for comic relief within such an austere setting of sober themes.

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  • 'The Maids' Tragedy' an intense Jacobean drama -- and an alternative to seasonal sentimentality.

Today, the play still poses questions of loyalty and morality while simultaneously provoking laughter and pity for the conflicted courtiers. They are dishonored in him. Christian Conn. Quincy Dunn-Baker.

The Maid's Tragedy

Jeremie Harris. Jennifer Ikeda. Victor Gluck, Editor-in-Chief. In publicity materials, this production of the revenge tragedy is described as being reset in a Hollywood film studio, with the king now the studio head and the heroine Evadne, an actress caught in his web.

The Maid’s Tragedy Summary

Director Lucy Gram uses six actors to play 11 roles which has worked for such companies as Bedlam and Fiasco. However, here the four actresses play both men and women, three of them never change their costume, voice or look when they return as their other characters so it is very difficult to keep the roles straight. Aleca Piper playing the roles of Calianax an elderly man , Lysippus a younger man and Dula, a lady-in-waiting, first takes off her white sweater, then puts up her hair, but if you are not following this very carefully, the changes are lost on you.

Her use of a loud, booming voice does not help in differentiating her roles or in understanding her lines. Sydney Battle play men and women alternately with no changes of any kind.

The Maid’s Tragedy

The actors are dressed in contemporary clothing in combinations of black and white Monica Day, wardrobe supervisor but this bland look suggests neither Hollywood nor anywhere else, other than a rehearsal. The playing area on a white linoleum rectangle plus one wrought iron black bench suitable for a garden has no atmosphere nor does it suggest any locale at all.

The echo in the large theater makes the unfamiliar lines difficult to follow and when actors have their backs to one of the three sides where the audience sits, this is only exacerbated. Christine F. The uncovered windows in the theater let in natural light for at least the first third of the show this being June and is also distracting.

As none of the language or pronouns has been updated, the Hollywood conceit plus the four actresses playing men is basically lost on the audience.

About this show

In the Beaumont and Fletcher text, Melantius, a soldier, returns home to the island of Rhodes victorious from the wars. Among such plays, you can't do better than Northwest Classical Theatre Company 's production of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher's "The Maids' Tragedy" — a stunningly intense foray into the dark, disturbing, and erotic Jacobean drama.

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The complex plot begins as the war hero Melantius returns home to Rhodes to find that his best friend Amintor is about to be married. To Melantius' surprise, Amintor is not going to marry Aspatia, to whom he had been betrothed, but Melantius' own sister, Evadne.


In the privacy of their bedroom, Evadne coldly rebuffs Amintor on their wedding night in order to keep faith with the jealous king, whom she sees less as an object of affection than a stepping stone for her ambitions. From this soil, lust, greed, distrust and revenge grow like weeds, and the play works toward an inevitably bloody conclusion. Highlights: The members of the acting company give stirring performances of the various passionate characters who strut through this tragedy.

The play's second half, when heated thoughts of vengeance become heated actions, is especially riveting. Here, the conviction and fire of the actors is mesmerizing. The strong acting is strikingly complemented by very imaginatively employed visual elements.

All is simple but sometimes elegant and sometimes, especially as we descend deeper into the play's jaded world, ominously and effectively grotesque.

A color palate dominated by black, white and red pervades Kyle's scenery, Casey Ballard's costumes and even eventually, the actors' makeup. While makeup seems natural enough at first, as the play's action runs its course and the king's debased passions affect more characters, the actors begin to appear with something akin to expressionistic makeup.